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Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Services and Treatments

Your child’s school has chosen to participate in this program.  A licensed, experienced dentist, licensed  hygienists and dental assistants will come to the school with portable dental equipment to provide these services.

A pre-printed All Kids School-Based Dental Program Permission Form will be sent to the parents of the student through the school.   If your child does not bring a Permission Form home from school you can download one from our page of Enrollment and New Patient Forms. If you cannot download the form, contact your school nurse or school secretary. If you have questions, call Sandy Lane at 309-339-9217.

If you wish to have your children participate in this program, please complete the Permission Form and return it to your school’s nurse or secretary.

After your child’s school dental visit, a report will be sent to each parent or guardian with the results of the exam, the treatments provided and suggestions for follow-up care. If there is no regular family dentist, Dental Sealants & More provides a case manager who will assist families in finding a provider for follow-up care.   Dental Sealants and More also has established special relationships with area Health Department Dental Clinics that have agreed to provide follow-up care.  

Your child’s report will be included in the data sent to the local and state government agencies who manage the funds to support dental care in the schools.

Eligible children may receive the following services and treatments:

  • A Dental Examination:

A dental examination, performed by a licensed dentist consists of a visual and tactile (by feel with hands or instruments) inspection of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues of the mouth, including all tooth surfaces for signs of demineralization or decay.

  • A Dental Cleaning:

As defined by the Academy of Periodontology, oral prophylaxis (dental cleaning) consists of the removal of plaque, calculus and stain from exposed and unexposed surfaces of the teeth by scaling and polishing as a preventive measure. Dental Sealants and More uses only licensed dentists or licensed hygienists to perform oral prophylaxis.

No anesthetic is required for any of the services.

For more educational information; please visit our link to

There is no charge to you for these services!

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